Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Shell Game: Accomplishing what can not be. (Revised.)

What we know we can't accomplish is one issue of art, what we have not noticed and what we are unaware of in our own capacity, is another. 

The trouble is the shell game of life. The bate and switch. The con of culture. 

I am a person, who wants to buy in. I want to invest and do invest in my life and in the lives and choices of those I love. I want to believe and I do. So all the hucksters see the 'Mark' on me. I don't automatically see the 'Mark' on me or on others. I don't have the gift of the artist or the salesman. I have only the gift of the pawn, the mark.  The obligation implied in our DNA is to Develop. To attempt and invest all to became what we may be capable of becoming or of course ending as most of us will, by simply finally ending. What pawns may possibly accomplish is to surprise themselves and all their peers.  It may be any accomplishment, small or large, but is part of some necessity and representative of a real need of the whole.  Meeting some hunger of the whole mass of humanity.

I think the real artists are those who we all agree are artists. They are salesman who have the problematic compulsion to sell something that is indescribable to themselves or to their culture. Too terrified to be all in but investing insight and gift, everything impulsively, under cover of detachment.  This detachment, not loving and investing all in their love for and with others but instead investing all in observing and commenting from a distance with their gifts.

Being an actual artist, is creating a value and a need, in their part of the present collective moment, some part of culture as yet untouched by the collective language while pretending not to care. The best of them appear to be largely unaware of what is happening to them as they accomplishing what can not be.  Often they simply pass away from the scene just as most of the pawns pass away from the scene.  The few, the smallest part of the whole, name some new perspective and are remembered in time.  They name a part of, or make an image of a part of,  they perform a part of the song of, or they create the cuisine, or comedy or drama of the future.

In this way the mass of people gets its inspiration and its heroes and its victims.

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