Thursday, February 16, 2017

I The Digger

I The Digger

I know I am immature

Yet I know I will find it
In the denied
In the forgotten
In the shamed
In the beaten and browbeaten

A slavishly self imposed prison
In each of you

Everywhere I aim
My special powers see

Telltale signs of

Making so obvious
Your trigger-prison

In seemingly empty fields
Minute quarks of jailed

Potential dash in and out
Of existence...

You inadvertently show me
Where the hidy-holes wait

All my dogged hunting
Senses dive and dig

My big nostrils notice
One pheromone

My big eyes notice
One cheek tick

My big ears notice
One stifled syllable

All of my own reenergized
Slavish joining dives down

You will not see my maniac digging
Tail wagging with certainty anticipating

The base dirt of your discontent
Flying between my back legs

Yet you may notice that hole
With your vulnerable dirt flying out

And your rising bile

There... I The Digger have
Inevitably found your mood

And my adrenaline addled over-focused mood 
Bites yours 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

You Might Find Irony

You Might Find Irony
01-31-17 For Mothers, Sisters and Constance

When you appear to be mourning.

I notice
My never finished sadness

My uncomfortable impulse jerks
To finally fix your mourning

I move huge rocks unnecessarily
In name of your mother and your sisters

I fill infinite wall cracks
To make an unavoidable
Thing-symbol of love


When I am in my senses
My feeling remains sadness
There is nothing for it
But to have it as I move about... until

My fanatical focus simply... inevitably
Moves on

Later I may notice the irony

The rocks will be a feigning garden
The filled cracks will be ephemeral

But if I distract my fantasy
Of fixing you
With risky work

And then

I manage to avoid wounding myself
In my sad little dance

You might find irony in that