Wednesday, September 16, 2015

To Sip You Once Again? (For Constance)

The old person
Looking at you
From across the way

I see in your garden
The last honeysuckle
Behind your youthful ear

As you were 20
Unable to see nearly
Five decades gone

Stretched by hearts
So great
Time’s sheet folded

Upon itself
Have I rolled
Closer to you

Along a field stretched
Quantum thin tight
To touch

The fine hair on your neck
Near the honeyed blossom

To sip
You once again?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Life Before And After (For Constance)

Life before and after
Is all unknown

My time is now
My power is here

Fearful guesses
Cloud the sun

My time is now
My power is here

Holiness is higher
The holy agree

My time is now
My power is here

When I’m high
I’m all alone

My time is now
My power is here

When I choose faith in
Moon, sun and sea

My time is now
My power is here

Night turns to dawn
And shore is nigh

My time is now
My power is here

I use my ears to
Find my voice

My time is now
My power is here

I find my eyes
And see your face

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Here is a little "Happy Birthday" to all you out there having a birthday.
This is Fred Rogers long before there was a "Mister Rogers".

Used by permission.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Undisturbed By Marauding Hackers

Thinking generates fears
As it covers old
Skin does not hide from itself

Skin contains more than injuries

The un-dramatized consequences of time
Live there too

Years of light
Leave the sun
Traveling as far as it can
Stretching vision second by second

Swooping and slingshotting and lensing
As it passes masses

     On earth in it's eddying orbit
          A coin on a sheet
          Rolling round
          The silly old sun
Years of light bounce off me
Reflecting me into time
To be seen by some being
Ere the fabric stretches completely away?

When time passes here without drama
When love is settled
When self care goes well
When our protected spot is undisturbed
By marauding hackers

Not much happens
But age