Thursday, February 9, 2017

You Might Find Irony

You Might Find Irony
01-31-17 For Mothers, Sisters and Constance

When you appear to be mourning.

I notice
My never finished sadness

My uncomfortable impulse jerks
To finally fix your mourning

I move huge rocks unnecessarily
In name of your mother and your sisters

I fill infinite wall cracks
To make an unavoidable
Thing-symbol of love


When I am in my senses
My feeling remains sadness
There is nothing for it
But to have it as I move about... until

My fanatical focus simply... inevitably
Moves on

Later I may notice the irony

The rocks will be a feigning garden
The filled cracks will be ephemeral

But if I distract my fantasy
Of fixing you
With risky work

And then

I manage to avoid wounding myself
In my sad little dance

You might find irony in that

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