Monday, August 22, 2016

The Hot Clay Of Stars

I do not have the math
To say
I understand the sub-microscopic
Or the expanding macroscopic

Or the sand
To say
I understand the before
Or the after

I am no religionist
And I am full of unknowns
Going as far back and forward
As may be

I keep faith with many dogs and humans
Having known many good souls
Cats are a puzzle not to mention lizards and spiders
Evil appears to be at work within and among us

The space between us
Between atoms
Within atoms
Interests me

We play together in these expanding spheres
Creating ecstatic musics
And disastrous complexities
In mindless competition and boundless love

We each fervently choose
To believe what we will until
One day we face again
The hot clay of stars

Brave fragile beings every one

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