Saturday, October 23, 2010


Down To The Salish Sea
(For Connie 10-24-2010)
(Regarding this day in 1998)

Gravity and centrifugal forces
Finally balanced

I met her by plan
By chance
In the old river town

Where Salish speakers once
Polled past standing
In their canoes up and then down
The river

This night
Candles in cups sailed down with them and

Women prayed
In thanks not requests
Knowing answers come
In whatever happens and

One man will imagine
Himself mastering
The art of polling canoes
And speaking languages
Unknown to him

Just to impress

She appeared on the bridge
With all the equipment
Knowing how to say NO then
Walking and talking and thinking
In grace

Then I stopped imagining and said:
I am ready now
I am ready now
I am ready now

For grace

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